In Honor of Valentine’s Day-My Parent’s Love Story
February 12, 2010

I am reposting my parent’s love story as featured on CBS morning show in the Fall of 2007. for those of you who are new to this site, Mom passed away January 7, 2009. As you might guess, we miss her every day.


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  1. Michelle

    How absolutely beautiful… It helps to have a role model to look after….

  2. Kat

    Beautiful and amazing…so wonderful!

  3. Annette

    Thank you so much for sharing the very touching love story of your parents. It is obvious that their was a marriage that every couple should aspire to. I was very moved by their devotion to one another.

    I'm just stopping by on the blog hop, but will most definitely be back again to read more of your life's journey!….

  4. Anonymous

    What a great resource!


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