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July 16, 2011

I received this from the Coffee Guy this morning:

I am so glad I didn’t learn to drive here. The first thing I noticed was that the line painted in the middle of the road to divide the flow of traffic is just a suggestion at best. The second, was the drivers  hand never leaves the horn button! It is Saturday (day 2) and the internet is finally up. Ravi’s parents are perfect hosts, and the food is better than I imagined! The months of preparation, study and prayer are unfolding before us as we walk and drive in this noisy, colorful bustling land. Friday Ravi and I were able to set foot in Pastor David’s new church building in Pallipalium. It’s perfect. Meeting Ravi’s brother David was an honor and his family is beautiful. A man and his family dedicated to shepherding the flock of God and raising up disciples to proclaim the Gospel across the street from a Hindu Temple is inspiring to say the least. In a city of 1.5 million of which 95%+ are either Hindu  or Muslim, this would be unthinkable in most Christians minds, but God has gifted and called this man—and he is obedient to the call. I am humbled and in awe that I have been called to help guild and instruct in leadership and doctrinal issues to these godly warriors of Real Hope Ministries.

Day 1
Woke up to the sounds of Hindu call to prayer being drowned out by the early morning traffic in beautiful downtown Sathy.
The Leadership conference lasted most of the day starting with a glorious time of worship (singing to our Lord in any language is wonderful!) and finishing up with a time of ministering, prayer and the laying on of hands for the gifts to flow freely. In between was the time of teaching and preaching. With me teaching and Ravi interpreting the team received the instruction and encouragement as from the Lord, which was our prayer. We made the treacherous ride home through Erode at night—very scary. 

Day 2
After a wonderful Indian breakfast with instant coffee (Indian coffee) we set out for the newest tribal village 1.5 hours away in the mountains east of Sathy. A grueling 21 hairpin climb in which the temp dropped 15-20 degrees and a monsoon rain rolled in a few hours after starting the children’s program. Being there to witness the love and dedication that Ravi, David, Steven have for these forgotten children was a privilege. Their devotion and obedience to the Lord in living out James 1:27 is worthy of a great reward—yet they do it with no such thought.
The later part of the afternoon was spent looking at land just 8-10 minutes north of Sathy for the proposed new ministry center for Real Hope Ministries.
All of this, from the very beginning of this ministry up till today is act worship through faith. Tomorrow will be here soon Lord willing, and we will be worshipping at Pastor Steven’s church here in Sathy. A very small building that may be very packed. PTL!
I finally got to speak to Russ via Skype this morning. What a blessing technology is for us to be able to connect while he half a world away!
Continue praying for Evie (Ravi’s wife) and I while we navigate life at home without our husbands. This morning we had a visit from Mr. Mike who help lift The Princess in and out of the tub so she could get a good bath (something we kind of take for granted).
I will post photos as soon as I get them.



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