I’m Dreaming of a Simple Christmas
November 28, 2012

In December 2010, I wrote about our “less is more” Christmas here.

I mentioned that I would like to intentionally have a simple celebration the next year (2011). I didn’t write about it at the time but we had what we called a “2nd Hand Christmas”. Mr. and Mrs. Ray were out of town with their family so that left the parents and The Princess. It was really quiet.
There were two rules:
1. We could only buy something from thrift/second hand stores.
2. We had to make it ourselves. We could take an old unfinished project that had been laying around, finish it and present it as a gift. Not only was this cost effective but it doesn’t contribute to adding more “stuff” to the house. I’m finding that t he more stuff I own the more it owns me.
It was a treasure hunt! We sifted through stores and pulled up ideas that we thought each other would enjoy. The anticipation was greater than ever as gifts were opened, laughter filled the room.
This year we are having an “Upcycled Christmas”. There are plenty of great ideas on the web for taking your used items and making beautiful creations out of them! You could even search Pinterest for great ideas.
One blog that is full of ideas is the Vivid Imaginations Studio. Everything she makes is quality. Some projects take more skill than others but you are sure to find something you are gifted to do.

Here are window boxes made from shutters!

We have a local business that sells used building supplies including doors, shutters, lamps and some strange items. A place like that is a playground for those who are hoping to upcycle!

Rage Against the Minivan takes it even further and is calling on folks to “Occupy Christmas”. I love her ideas!

 Click on the photo to get to her page.

I love that so many other folks are talking about simplifying the holidays. Sarah Bessey posted recently about celebrating the imperfect Christmas. It reminded me again of how I don’t like the pressure to impress others but to just enjoy whimsy with color and character.

Each year we open the special ornaments, some celebrate a milestone in the lives of our children. Others mark the passing of someone we love dearly. The all bring meaning to our celebration of the peace Christ brought to this earth.

This year I will seek peace. Peace in my heart, my life and my world. My prayer for you this year is to find peace as well. If it means changing the way you do things, spending less, creating more and focusing in on the Prince of Peace, I’m willing to do it.

Do you crave a more simple Christmas? Do you have any creative blogs to recommend? What traditions are you committed to keeping? What are you willing to trade in to experience peace?



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