I Now Have A New Title
June 9, 2010
I am now a “Parent of a High School Graduate”. Something that many of us take for granted but I am keenly aware that not everyone achieves this milestone. For us it was this past Sunday. I had the wonderful privilege of sitting with family and friends in the wind, rain and hail to watch my daughter walk across the stage to get her diploma holder (getting the diploma came right after in the gymnasium) with tears in my eyes and feeling my breath catch in my throat. I was one of those moments that you knew was coming but had no clue really how it was going to hit you but then it happened. They read her name. The name we prayed over for months after finding out we were expecting. The name that means “Lamb” and “Follower of Christ”. Our sections erupted in cheers and as soon as she crossed, posed for a couple of photos and made it to her seat, I glanced over at her exceptionally proud Dad to exchange a loving glance that proclaimed “we made it”!

With her Grandfather beaming next to me, the next goal was to patiently wait until the last few names were read so we could make it through the crowd of people and find her. I just wanted to hold her again so I could whisper to her how very proud we are of her accomplishments. It really was a big day!
We finally found her, adorned her with her special lei
and caught her beautiful smile.
Posed for some pics.

Watched her hug friends.

Took her home to see her sister,
and to pose with a very proud Grandfather.

We enjoyed a small gathering with family and close friends. We ate home made cupcakes and counted our blessings. Everyone spoke of how fast it went by (not the ceremony but her life) and how we need to remember to always take in every day. The question of “what’s next” kept coming up. She spoke of community college or perhaps art school. We all winked knowing that her future also includes a certain “Tech Guy” that has been here a lot over the past year. For me, her nearest future will include cleaning out her room before a TV crew shows up to film their next episode and possibly taking a few days of down time at somewhere relaxing.

I would love to be eloquent or poetic about the life of a mom and the ever changing job description but frankly, I am exhausted. I am just going to sit with my mug of steaming coffee so I can take it all in. The sun is beaming in at the moment, the world seems peaceful and there is a sense of accomplishment in knowing that perfection doesn’t hold a candle to doing your best and learning along the way. My job isn’t over, its just changing like everything else in this unpredictable world and I am so blessed to be here!


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