I Need Him Still
August 2, 2012

Yesterday I wrote that I need Him. I need Him just as much when the joy in my heart is overflowing. Today, I need His presence still. Yesterday I needed Him on the mountaintop, today I need Him in the valley.

Last night, I found out that someone dear to me has betrayed my trust. A relationship that I thought was solid is (at the moment) on shaky ground. So I must trust Him. 

I have to obey Him when He tells me I must forgive. I must believe Him when He says that I can do all things through Him because He will give me strength. He tells me to love my neighbor and that means “keeping no record of wrongs” and “love endures all things” and it “hopes all things”.

So today, I will lean in to Him. I will spend time in His presence soaking in the peace that the God of Love has for me. The hollow place in my soul will be filled with His Spirit. In this place, I will find the strength to forgive, to love and to heal.



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