Hurt People, Hurt People
September 11, 2012
Photo Courtesy: A Shared Lens

Being back in the ministry has brought so many lessons to learn on this journey. One of the most basic is Christ’s ministry to reconcile us to Him and then to each other. There is beauty in reconciliation. Graciousness gives us freedom to move beyond emotional pain not only when we receive grace but when we extend it as well.

I’ve always wondered, why are some people so hurtful?
Why do they lash out with ease?
Where does the judgement come from?

They are broken

They are hurt
Hurt people hurt people

If we all could just grasp this idea, then maybe we can begin to help heal broken people instead of judge them. We can lead people out of their despair and into the loving arms of the One who was broken to heal our pain.

It is no question that the people we feel hurt by the deepest are the ones we love the most. So this thought came to mind this evening, what if, when we encounter someone who has hurt us, we reach for the love instead of the hurt?

We have a choice to reach into the place in us that will move growth forward or we can just stay in the pain to slide backwards into a pool of bitterness. It is our choice. To choose growth is to choose grace. It is to choose love.

Grace, unmerited favor doesn’t wait for the pain to completely go away. It is the conduit of healing for that pain. When you extend love by offering grace, you invite wholeness into relationships and hearts.

Look into the face of a Savior who was beaten, spit on and crucified. He looked into the crowd as He asked for the forgiveness from a holy and righteous God. He showed love long before we repented and offered forgiveness before we asked. He came to save us from judgement, not bring judgement. We don’t get to withhold grace because we don’t think someone deserves it. We get to be gracious because someone doesn’t deserve it.

Grace is part of love and healing and forgiveness and speaking life. Grace brings life.



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