Guest Post at One Word 365
January 17, 2013

Today I am privileged to be a guest blogger.

Action or Acceptance?

Even in her text I can hear her desperation. Her husband is deeply depressed again. He finally admitted his desire to leave the marriage. He’s been thinking about it seriously for two years but hasn’t found the strength to follow through. With depleted emotions they both plod through their moments trying to make it to the next one. Like a child wearing arm floats they’ve been flailing in shallow waters until they unwittingly drifted towards the deep end. Neither have the strength to pull the other up so in an effort to do it on their own, each one is worn out. She is finally reaching out, finding herself in danger, she sends a message with a plea of sorts. An admission that she can’t do this on her own.

As I carefully choose my questions for her, I think of the word I have chosen for this year, galvanize.

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