Gotcha Day Number 12
November 8, 2011

I know, the first question many of you will ask, “What is Gotcha Day”? There are many of us who have adopted children on a day other than their birthday who celebrate the day we first physically held our children as “Gotcha Day”. We tell our kiddos “this is the day that we gotcha”!

For us it was November 8, 1999. After nearly a week of making plans (preceded by years of prayer and longing for another child), hours on the phone with adoption attorneys, agencies and of course the foster parents, we boarded a plane to Southern California and our lives drastically changed in a moment.

No words can describe that moment but every year, on this day, we celebrate. We eat Chinese food, laugh and praise God for every blessing He has given us through this amazing person.

My heart is full today and always will be!

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  1. C'est l'abeille

    She is such an amazing little princess. God must love you best! 😉

  2. Hope

    Sometimes I think so! I am so touched that He chose her for me!

  3. Mama in Uganda

    What beautiful photos of your amazing daughter, Allison!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Blessings and Joy,


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