God’s Timing (India Update)
June 26, 2014

God’s timing is impeccable. He is never late, He is never early.

When Russ traveled to India in 2011 to help train pastors for their ministry, he met a man of great stature both physically and spiritually.  He was an inspiration and great encouragement to Russ. Pastor Manni told Russ that they had never had teaching like this before. He was a trusted and beloved man of God.

Russ was looking forward to seeing Pastor Manni again but sadly he passed away just a few days ago. It’s been hard on all the young pastors who have been touched by this wonderful man.

Pastor Manni

Pastor Manni cutting the ribbon and dedicating the Hope Center

Pray for the pastors who were mentored by Pastor Manni.

These are photos by one of the team members, Shawn Pittman. They are too beautiful for words.

Tamil Nadu village


hope center 1

hope center

meal time

 woman 1



Please pray for Evie and Janasa. They are both ill from either bad water or food. They need a healing touch.

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