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December 2, 2014



After Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, Giving Tuesday makes it’s way into the picture. Now we can turn our attention in the direction to causes whose income often drops while incoming funds dwindle. Donors often find it hard to give this time of year so every little bit counts!

There are a few charities that have caught my attention this year. They aren’t large but they have a huge impact to every person they touch. They are worth our attention.

Real Hope Ministries (Ministering to remote villages in southern India)

I’ve written about this ministry before (just type India in my search posts bar). My husband Russ has traveled to southern India twice to help train local pastors and minister to tribal villages. He was also there when they located property to house children who previously had no chance of attending school. On his recent trip he was able to stay the the Hope Center and meet many of the children being helped by this ministry.


(Photo courtesy Shawn Pittman)

You can sponsor a child for Real Hope Tribal Christmas. For $25 the whole family gets a special meal, gifts and a time for the village to gather together to celebrate Christmas.  This event goes a long way in building relationships with the parents of these children. These are relationships that are nurtured throughout the entire year. Check out their Facebook here.

Tenaciously Teal (Providing comfort packs for patients receiving chemotherapy)

Tarah Warren possesses an indomitable spirit. When she was diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer she didn’t take it lying down. Her tagline: Fight Like A Girl isn’t just a phrase, it’s her lifestyle.


When I found Tarah, I was having health issues of my own. While waiting for my own diagnosis (so far I am still in the clear) I reached out and she reached back.

As I began to follow her story I found something remarkable. On her “chemo days” she would sit and write notes to other patients receiving chemo that day. When finished she would deliver care packs around the unit. Packs filled with comfort items that she knew full well would be needed as the side effects from the medicine would settle in to already weakened bodies. It wasn’t just physical comfort she delivered, it was heart and soul comfort.


Head on over to see you can help Tenaciously Teal!

Bless This Backpack (Providing personal care items and food for homeless individuals)

My cousin Casey took her concern over the numerous people she encountered every morning on her way to work and turned her compassion into a powerful ministry.

It’s simple, she gathers care items in donated backpacks. She carries them around in her car and hands them out as she crosses the path of those in need. Her husband Nathan carries out the mission as well.

bless backpack items


On of my favorite things about this cause is the dignity shown to each person. They  post photos for updates but never show the faces or identity of the recipients.

bless backpack

The gentleman in this photo said “This is a godsend! The zipper on my backpack just broke.”

Visit their Facebook page for information on how you can help. It’s a simple gesture that makes a huge impact on those who no doubt wonder if anyone cares. As the weather gets colder the need for blankets, coats and socks rises.

There are so many causes to support for Giving Tuesday. These are just three I thought you should hear about. No advertising budget or celebrity endorsements, just people making a difference in the lives of others.

Besides, it’s one more way to Love Passionately.


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