Getting Busy in India
June 23, 2014

After a day of rest, the team hit the ground running with visits to tribal villages. church meetings and visiting with the children at the Hope Center.

Here are some great pictures from the past couple of days.

Tribal visits

Handsome fella

Getting ready to travel to the tribal village

Tribal visit team

The teams stops for a photo op on the way to the village


Monkeys are everywhere!

more children

School children at the village

more children boys

School supplies

School supplies being handed to each child.

tribal kids

Waiting patiently for their goodies


Beautiful smiles

Home cooking

Preparing meals


tribal home

Tribal village life




Church Service

beauty of praise


Russ preaching

Russ preaching to a room full of people hungry souls

Russ Greeting

Russ being welcomed to the church service.

russ pray

Russ praying after the service

prayer time

Kevin praying.

Evie annointing

Those who attend are so hungry for healing in every way. They flock to the front for prayer and anointing.

Russ sunrise

This was our call this evening (his morning) from the roof of the Hope Center. We enjoyed a sunrise together and it was as beautiful as it sounds!


Continue to pray for the team as they teach a pastor’s conference today.

Russ’ still has a sore back, pray for continued healing.

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