Finding the Extraordinary in Ordinary Days
October 28, 2012
Photo Credit: A Shared Lens

My adorable man is away for part of the weekend speaking at a retreat. It seems we are taking turns these days. In his absence I’m finding beauty in the smallest of things. I’m unearthing gems along the way. The ordinary places of life where the sweetest treasures hide.
Sure, we are there for weddings, funerals, graduations and holidays. What about the in between? How about the stories of the moment? What are we doing with those?
I spent last evening with three amazing women whose husbands all have very different ministries. We shared a meal and our hearts. Afterwards, we gathered at the purple couch with the fire flickering its warmth and we prayed. The sweetest requests were sent Heavenward in moments of simplicity. All of us so often busy in our own homes, churches and ministries that we don’t connect. This time together cemented in our minds the need to slow down and nurture these relationships. We need each other. 
We joked about using tablecloths and real plates. The newly appointed senior pastor’s wife who has had to chase her small child around a pew found encouragement to just let her kids be kids. We talked about what was similar and individual needs. We love our husbands, our children and those to whom we minister.
An ordinary Friday night became sacred moments with sisters. I want to do this more. Not just stand on a platform or write books or plans events on a grand scale.  I want to take an ordinary evening, spend it with extraordinary friends and encourage each other to do spectacular things. One moment at a time. One breath of prayer. One verse of courage. Many hugs, tears and belly laughs.
What do you do to make ordinary moments seem not so ordinary?



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