Finding Hidden Treasure
March 15, 2012

Over two years ago I wrote about receiving Mom’s Bible. What a precious gift that has been! When I use it to journal or study, her highlights are there for me to see what stuck out to her. I see what was important. As I have mentioned, my Mom was a woman of deep faith and her passion for women to deepen their faith was a driving force in everything she did. She was an example of strength, perseverance and love. She truly fulfilled her calling to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” She lived it and she taught it.

For at least 18 years of her life she was involved with Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) as a discussion leader. There was a time when she was having a hard time fitting in her homework so she prayed that the Lord would give her time to meet with him. She started waking up around 2 a.m. and decided that this was the answer to her prayer. She would take her bible and notebook to a secluded room in the house to work on her study. After a few nights she began to find a good time during the day and found her sleep uninterrupted again.
A couple of weeks ago, my oldest daughter and I took a trip back to my hometown. We spent time with Dad, visited Disneyland and stayed with “The Aunties”. (Background: They aren’t really my aunts. They are my mom’s best friend and her sister but they are as dear as any aunt could be! When I grew up, we didn’t call adults by their first names. I had too much respect to call her by her first name but too much love to call her a Mrs. so she became an Auntie.) I lived with her for a few months as a young adult and then the nine months leading up to my wedding. She has stood in at times when my mother couldn’t be there. She has always shown me love, grace and mercy.
During this past visit, I poured my heart out about things I would have told Mom. We discussed family, personal growth and ministry. One night she mentioned what a great resource my mom’s notes would be if I could find them. I mentioned it to Dad who said he would look and within a half an hour, he called to tell me he found it.
Yesterday, it arrived. A green vinyl notebook with her notes, just how she left them. Her handwriting, her studies, her thoughts about her faith, God and love. To some just a notebook but to me, it is a treasure with riches beyond measure. One more step in passing on the legacy of a woman who passed on her faith through love, kindness, compassion and strength. My desire is to pass it all on to another generation.



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