Feeding Our Souls with Time Away from Home

By the time this is published, I’ll have returned from a weekend of time with friends. Every once in a while, the opportunity comes to feed my soul with time away from home. My husband supports this without the need for reciprocation, which adds to the beauty of the journey.

The first friend I’ll visit on my trek has been part of my heart for more than 20 years. We can go months without speaking and jump right in to place where we left off. In our younger years, our families spent late nights drinking coffee and laughing until our throats were sore. We’ve cried, prayed and lamented over the complexities of life. We share a common faith and seek after the same purpose in our lives. Last fall, I was welcomed in during a chaotic time for them without hesitation or reservation.

We all need our long-time friends.

The next day, I’ll travel further north to meet with friends I found around 12 years ago on a an Internet site for pastor’s wives. Some I bonded with long ago, others I am just getting to know.

There will be two from Canada, a recently returned missionary from China, an Aussie (maybe three) and a Louisiana girl making her way in the Pacific Northwest besides myself. An eclectic group to be sure but all women with a heart for those we are called to serve and to serve alongside.

We will share a meal and no doubt a piece of ourselves. The morning will include coffee and leftover giggles from the night before. We plan on video chats with the lovelies who couldn’t join us. From there, we will store up our time together in our hearts to take on the journey home.

Life is full of these moments. Moments of making memories we carry with us.

As moms, we must remember that these are the refreshing breaths we take home with us. We savor friendships and connections. These are the moments we use to teach our children to take time from our dailies in order to plant seeds for our future. They also help us to lighten our burdens today.

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  1. Terri Fullerton

    Enjoyed reading your post. I hope you have a weekend of love, insight and laughter.


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