Eating in Disneyland: Food Allergies to Favorite Spots
March 28, 2014

So we established in the past two articles that I love Disneyland. Hearing my daughter giggle uncontrollably in the presence of princesses has brought so much joy and rest to our vacations, I just couldn’t imagine a better place to take her.

Another thing that makes my life rich is food. I believe food is meant to be enjoyed with every possible sense.

The smell, taste, textures and the sights of beautiful food are heightened when friends and family eat together.

You can only imagine how much I look forward to food made at the Happiest Place on Earth!

In the Parks, the food is part of the show. If you haven’t eaten there in the last ten years you are missing out on world-class chefs, fantastic menus and generous portions.

Disney Parks has also done well catering to those with food allergies and intolerances making accommodations at the theme parks and hotels not are just for physical and cognitive disabilities.

They now offer gluten-free options throughout the properties. The chefs are also happy to come to your table and discuss ideas with you.

If you have multiple allergies, you can make reservations online and alert Cast Members of your needs so they can be prepared to help.

Some friends went a couple of years ago and raved at the freedom they felt with kids who could finally have a bun on their burger and not worry about getting sick.

In the past few years, I’ve had to give up my favorite sandwich, but my husband can still get it. I’ve found new, tasty discoveries I hadn’t even thought of before.

Where to eat in Disneyland…

The rest is here at The News-Review website

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