Changing Seasons Changing Hearts
October 23, 2012
Photo Courtesy of Beth Beiter
Green on trees gives way to
Yellow, Orange, Red, Brown

Soon, empty, bare, branches will stick out.

As I breathe in the cool crisp air,
it seems fresher somehow
As if it’s all new

It must be Autumn, God’s gracious way of gently leading us towards winter. It’s a time for preparing ourselves. A time to pause, to reflect, to see the colors.

I grew up in a climate where the signs of Fall were so very subtle. School was more of an indicator than the colors of the trees. Schedules changing, lazy hot days giving way to busy warm ones all pointing to the onset of winter.

Now I live in the Pacific Northwest where in so many ways, we are less subtle.  The winters are still mild compared to my home in Maine for two years as a teen. Nevertheless, the signs are everywhere, things are changing quickly.

It is the same for my life. Ministry is becoming more vibrant for me. The colors are changing, there are signs all around, the air seems fresh and new. I want to remind myself of this on the days it may feel like brown dead trees. Those days I have to put on a spiritual overcoat to keep the chills away.

On Sunday, leadership was given the opportunity to pray over those who wanted to ask for boldness of faith. We were to wade through the sea of waiting saints, anointing and praying over each one. Women prayed for women, men for men. Touching the foreheads of women, hugging them close and praying in whispers by their ears gave me connection with them. Renewed and invigorated in my calling to pastor broken, hurting, seeking, growing women, I was blessed and humbled.

This is a beautiful season for me. Although it is getting colder outside, it feel like Spring in my heart. Whatever season it is, I am overflowing with the newness of life, energy for ministry and as I look towards the future,

I am finding Hope.

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