Bringing India Home With Him
July 1, 2014

Within the hour, Russ will be in a vehicle headed for the airport in  Coimbatore. He’ll say goodbye to this beautiful country he has grown to love and come home to his family who he also adores.

This has been a difficult trip from my husband. He left the day after hurting his back. Yesterday he stayed behind from visiting the tribal villages he fell in love with in 2011 due to dehydration and severe intestinal issues.

This trip was grueling.

The layover on the way in was 10 hours. There was no place to lay down which irritated his back. Long rides to villages in outer regions exacerbated the pain. Still he only missed the one day.

The heat has been stifling with thick humid days and meetings in buildings stuffed with people all the way out the doors. Monsoon rains helped cool that last few nights but not before it took a toll on his weary body.

He still sees it as a fruitful trip. So many were encouraged by the training and the heart of love this team brought with them from our small, rural home in Oregon.

Lessons for our own life will be packed in his heart as much as there are spices in his suitcase. On Thursday we’ll unpack our weeks apart and intermingle the memories. Although he was on the other side of the globe they’ll become the “Remember when you were there and I was here?”

Life gives us opportunities to move forward and the Lord gives us the strength to take the steps.  We need to trust and we must bring hope.

Here are a few of the last glimpses of life in India.

Ladies singing

These women had a special song for the guests.


The children loved the service.

Beautiful women

I wasn’t even there and these women have captured my heart.


People are seeking hope. They crowded into the church service in extremely hot weather.

Russ preaching a good word.

Russ preaching a good word.

last day 6

This woman asked to be prayed for as the team was leaving.

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