Being Used in the Stillness
October 24, 2012

Right now, at this very moment, I am undone by the goodness and faithfulness of my God and my Creator. The God of the Universe spoke to me today and I heard Him. Not audibly, but my soul was tuned in to Him.

After reading an article and the ensuing comments, He said “Pray for the woman who spoke out in boldness today and is discouraged. She is feeling weakened.” So I have been praying for her.

That’s when He told me to tell her that I had prayed. “Well Lord” I argued, “Can’t this be between me and you?” Then I listened and trusted and obeyed.

Sending a simple message of encouragement,

“I just want you to know that I am praying an extra covering over you today. Praying that the enemy would not cloud the message.”

Her response: “Wow. You have no idea how much I need this covering right now.” 

Me, gulping and trying to be bold: “The Holy Spirit whispered your name to me. I am learning to listen. It is hard through so much noise but I am learning and He loves you so.”

Her reply: “…this gives me shivers. I asked him to raise up an army for me today. Thank you for listening to him. Love you.”

Why do I share this? Because I am an ordinary woman who serves a personal and extraordinary God. He has spoken through dear saints to me. If I say I want Him to use me to bless others, I have to be willing to listen.

Are you willing to be someone’s answer to prayer? Are you willing to look foolish or silly in order to give someone strength? Just maybe you can be the light that shines in among the dark clouds to give someone strength.



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