A Very Happy Anniversary
December 5, 2012

Two years ago today my oldest daughter got married in a beautiful evening ceremony. It was delightful, stressful, magical, memorable and our hearts were so very full. The ceremony was holy, sacred and lifted the hearts of everyone there. We walked away confident that the God that saves us cared about every detail. Even the ones that didn’t go our way.

What a great start to a sweet marriage.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray of Sunshyne
They are doing quite well. It’s fun to see the joy they find in their marriage. The childlike silliness is just as evident as their ability to be responsible. As they navigate through life together they remain committed to keeping the covenant they made with God to each other.

Mr. Ray loves his wife. He is her biggest fan and indulges her passion for acting. Once again she has a part in our local community theater and no doubt he’ll make it to any show he can.

Ray still flirts with that guy she thinks is so cute. She often delivers his lunch at work on her way to take care of her sister. They rent a tiny guest house that is perfect for their little family. (They are owned by two cats.)
This week they decorated for Christmas. She called it her Charlie Brown tree.

I think it’s perfect.



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  1. Tiff Miller

    I love those two twitterpated cuties.


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