A Prayer for Women
May 7, 2021

On Mother’s Day 2020 I was privileged to pray this prayer at our
Sunday service. It seemed like a good time to share it today.

Gracious, glorious, heavenly Father:
We love you. We adore you. We worship you. You are a gracious God of love.
We come to you this morning, celebrating women, especially the sacred journey of motherhood. Your word tells us that every good and perfect gift is from above. Thank you for the gift of womanhood.
For the mother who has faced the unthinkable task of burying a child, Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted.
To the foster mom who comforts aching children with love that may never be returned. They know they may leave her home at any moment but will never leave her heart. Lord, keep their cup overflowing with more love than they can ever give out.
Bless those who are raising a child not born from their own womb. The privilege of motherhood is not lost on those whose children grow in their hearts.
Bless the women raising children without another parent in the home. Give them wisdom, courage and strength and may they look to you for their help.
For the parents of a prodigal, Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy. May you grant them the grace to keep hearts and arms open for the return of their child.
To the one raising children born in fragile bodies, may they be blessed with the grace that is sufficient and strength that is made perfect in weakness.
For the woman whose dreams of motherhood have yet to come true. For those who have suffered through failed adoption & infertility, bless her with your peace, comfort and joy. May her heart find healing and hope in you.
May the mothers of blended families, parent with wisdom that can only come from our father in heaven.
Bless the women whose children are being raised by another family. For those who made the painful decision to place them there and for those who have no choice in the matter. We believe that you will heal the broken hearted. Bless them with your peace and fullness.
Lord, provide the needs of those whose mothers need our grace and forgiveness. Fill our hearts with your love so we may see ourselves as your children.
Bless those whose mother is no longer on earth to celebrate. May we find comfort and peace in you.
For the young women waiting to be mothers someday, may they find their identity in you.
From the young mommy with messy toddlers and sleepless nights to the seasoned mother whose children who have left the nest. For those who raise children with no other parent in the home. To those raising children who came from the womb of another. For the grandparents who were in a new season and are raising the next generation we lean into the promise that their children will rise up and call her blessed.


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