I took some time off today to seek a new direction only to find that I was inspired to move forward in an area I have been contemplating for years. I don’t pretend to be heavily schooled or an expert on anything but I am finding that the Lord is slowly allowing me to use the experiences that I have walked through in my life to encourage others. My love for writing and my compassion for others is at the beginning of this new venture. I know when I hear others use those words I think to myself “Please don’t ask me to buy cookware, candles or a membership to a travel company!” I am not selling anything nor am I asking anything of anyone but I am offering encouragement. Simple lessons in a complicated world. My answers are a combination of Scripture and my own experience.

I invite you to walk with me on this journey of laughter, tears, AHA! (not the ’80s rock band) moments and growth. I will return to updating my prayer blog as well. We’ll explore love, parenting, marriage, faith, fear and facing life’s trials. This should be interesting…

Looking forward to a bright future!