A Day to Honor Fathers
June 21, 2010

Today was his day. We honored our Coffee Guy by giving him his choice of where to eat and what to do. We have had a lot of fun but it was a time to reflect as well. The church service was dedicated to fathers with the worship dance team sharing “Butterfly Kisses” (with both fathers and mothers dancing with their daughters) and our pastor blessing us as he always does. This time there was special encouragement for the dads. We came home and let him open his gifts. I decided this year the the most fitting gift would be a case to hold the flag that was on his father’s casket almost 45 years ago. Its been touched away since his brother gave it to him over ten years ago. It was time to make a place for it.

It is so easy for many of us to take for granted that our fathers will always be there for us. Even knowing what I know, I have to be reminded that this isn’t the case for everyone. Recently I mentioned that we have begun studying our genealogy. It has been on our minds more than it has been in the past. As we enter stages of life with our children that the Coffee Guy never had with his father, there seems to be time to reflect on what might have been different had he actually grown up with his father in his life. We will never know but we are both know that God’s heart is to bless the fatherless.
In our case, for the last 20 something years, my father has stepped in to my husband’s life to be father. As a Dad, he didn’t have a role model growing up but has a role model now with experience and hindsight. He could have lamented his situation but instead he has chosen to draw on the wisdom of others. One of our favorite verses is found in Isaiah 43:19 “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.”
If a day like Father’s Day is a difficult one for you, keep seeking the Lord for healing. If this is a day of great joy, please remember those who find this day harder than others. At Prayers of Hope there was a reminder last year to pray for fathers who wouldn’t be getting a construction paper tie or a finger painted picture. Those same fathers would welcome the prayers this year as well.
As we wrap up another Father’s Day and head into Summer, count your blessings, seek a life of joy and remember to say the things you need to say to the fathers you know around you.


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