50 Days to 50 – The Unexpected
May 31, 2012

Day 3

One of the best things I could have ever
taught my older daughter was a lesson only God could teach.

We didn’t set out to rescue anyone.
There wasn’t a desire to seem noble or heroic.
The path was full of detours that felt like dead ends.
But they were just detours.
The rough roads were part of our journey.
They prepared us in some ways for what was ahead.
Some see children like her, children with disabilities as a burden.
We don’t.
We see blessings.

I have been told that she needed us.

No she didn’t.

We needed her.



(NOTE: This is my Jubilee year. Scripture speaks of this year as a time for restoration and debts to be cancelled. I see it as a time to reflect and to count my blessings. Knowing how precious life is and how miraculous it is, I want to write about His goodness.)

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  1. Tiff

    You needed one another. 🙂


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