50 Days to 50 – The Ability to Laugh at Mistakes
June 22, 2012
Day 22 But Who’s Counting?

If you have read this blog for more than two weeks you probably know that I count among my most beautiful blessings, grace.

Grace covers. Grace moves me. Grace heals. Grace restores. 

When I allow grace to flow through me, it cleanses.

It brings joy to let me laugh at my mistakes.

The grace of God is moving me in ways I don’t understand.

I am just going to let it. When an opportunity comes to receive it, I will. When I need to extend it to another, I will purpose to.

Because God is my focus and God is love and love lives in grace I will seek to trust God with who I am.



(NOTE: This is my Jubilee year. Scripture speaks of this year as a time for restoration and debts to be cancelled. I see it as a time to reflect and to count my blessings. Knowing how precious life is and how miraculous it is, I want to write about His goodness.)

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