50 Days to 50 – Kindness
June 10, 2012
Day 13

God loved me before I ever stumbled and fell. He offered grace to me before I ever was alive to receive it. He doesn’t scold me when I blow it. It doesn’t throw up His hands in disgust. He just loves me. He readily forgives me. His grace covers me. His kindness attracts me to a place of repentance. It motivates me to change.

Romans 2:4 tells us that it is His “kindness that leads us to repentance”. When we see someone who is in a fallen place, they almost always know it. They don’t need us to bring them shame, pour on guilt or pressure them to change. We are called to love them. When someone is our enemy, we are told to bless them and do good for them. We are to be kind.

My blessing today is kindness. I am grateful for the kindness of friends, of strangers and mostly of my loving, all knowing God who knows more about my sins but loves me without condition.



(NOTE: This is my Jubilee year. Scripture speaks of this year as a time for restoration and debts to be cancelled. I see it as a time to reflect and to count my blessings. Knowing how precious life is and how miraculous it is, I want to write about His goodness.)

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