36 Hours
July 12, 2011

I know that a day and a half isn’t really a long time. I am acutely aware that my friends whose husbands are deployed across the world in dangerous circumstances wait much longer to hear from their spouses. I’m trying not to whine, really I am but it isn’t easy and frankly, it is weird.
It’s not that I mind making my own coffee, feeding the dog or doing Alli’s morning routine. I appreciate all that The Coffee Guy does around the house but that isn’t what I miss when he’s gone.

I miss his silliness
I miss his confidence!
I miss his hugs
I miss dinners together
I miss his “dadness”
I miss his handsomeness
I miss his leadership

To sum it up I miss his presence. I don’t miss what he does as much as I miss who I am when he is here. Companionship is what we are all designed for and when we find it in another person, it can strengthen us. That is what I enjoy with him.
Our Creator built the desire for relationship into each of us. His desire is that we would have a relationship with Him. His plan for us to spend time with Him daily, spend time listening to His heart, spend time getting to know Him and relying on Him to navigate through this life. Like a dedicated husband, He enjoys spending time with us. His desire is to see us full of joy and at peace so we can enjoy everything He has to offer.
The more time I spend with my husband, the more I miss it when he isn’t around. The same can be said for spending time in prayer, meditation and in God’s Word. When I make it a priority to spend time in His presence, the more I miss it when I don’t. Just like it takes commitment in my marriage, it takes commitment in my spiritual life.
I don’t ever want to get comfortable with my husband being gone any more than I want to get comfortable spending time away from my Savior and my God. So if 36 hours seems like a long time between communicating with my husband, then I am sure it is much too long to go without spending time with my Creator.



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  1. C'est l'abeille

    Awww! I love this post! As always, you are spot on!!


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