30 Day Photo Challenge-Day 1 All About Me
February 17, 2011

” A picture of yourself with fifteen
facts” (I assume about myself).

Watching my Daughter dance
with her father on her wedding day.
1.  I married my FedEx man.
2.  I am the mother of two amazing miracles.
3.  I am a blessed mother-in-law.
4.  I am the youngest child of five.
5.  I am the youngest grandchild of Twenty Eight on one side of the family.
6.  I am second to the youngest grandchild of Eleven on the other side.
7.  I am my parents only daughter.
8.  I am the proud aunt of 5 nieces and 1 nephew.
9.  I can’t make a decent pancake to save my life.
10. My crepes turn out beautifully.
11. I was married on my Mom’s birthday.
12. Disneyland is my second home.
13. I grew up 11.56 miles from Disneyland.
14. My family room is a tribute to Disneyland.
15. in December 2010 I visited Disney World for the first time.


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