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Standing during worship, breathing out the words of Kristene DiMarco’s song “Take Courage” as a prayer of peace for my soul, I caught myself contemplating the past few years. I had recently left a position I loved to engage in a life I needed. Years of working a high-stress job had taken a toll. While preparing to leave my job, I constantly fielded the question What are you going to do? I had a few different answers depending on how much explanation I wanted to add, but the truest reason was this: I wanted to rest. It was that simple. My emotional, physical, and spiritual health had all taken hits. From overworking to personal losses, my capacity to focus had diminished in every area of my life.
The transition was almost as hard as the decision to leave. I went from making daily decisions affecting an entire elementary school to answering the age-old question What’s for dinner? My heart was hoping to find peace, but it didn’t come right away. I had plenty to keep me busy over the next two months, and what shouldn’t have been a surprise was that the stress was still pressing in. It didn’t change as much as I had hoped it would. Simply doing nothing wasn’t the answer. I had to pursue more than physical rest. Spiritual, emotional, and mental rest were just as important.

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