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As much as I have tried to keep up the news of India, life here at home has been more than I can handle on my own. Thankfully, our church body has been faithful in not only checking in on us but stopping by to fill any need we have.
The Princess had a doctor visit this week as well as x-rays, Max is recovering from emergency surgery after ingesting a ball and some items that still haven’t been identified. Now the job is to keep his diet even more restricted which is a huge job in itself.
We finally got to Skype with The Coffee Guy this morning. This was the first chance The Princess was able to be part of the conversation. It truly made her morning. I had to share her excitement with you all. (Excuse her hair and jammies, she had just gotten up.)
Dad was happy to see his girl!
 She was happy to see him too.
 Actually she was thrilled!

We are so blessed by technology and the ability to keep in touch over the miles. I don’t want to take any of these things for granted. We traded places with the other family so his kiddos could talk to their Daddy too.
As we finished up on the phone he shared that he had experienced his best day of the trip so far. They reached out to a rural village and the children were so blessed to have them there. I know that those who ministered were blessed too!
Will update more later.