Just Let Yourself Be Sad

Just Let Yourself Be Sad

Just Let Yourself Be Sad

The devastating news just hit a prayer group I’ve been privileged to be a part of and forming sentences is a stretch.

The Facebook message read “My friends this ugly 14 month battle is over with Jesus always the Victorious One. Ben is safe with his Heavenly Father.”

My longtime mentor’s son-in-law passed away within the last hour. He was a young husband and father who has been fighting stage 4 cancer for 14 months. He is gone and I have not adequate words.

When our boys were leaving our home, it was Tammy that said “You just need to let yourself be sad”. No one said anything more caring than that through the whole time of deep grieving.

There is nothing I can say when this family watched their precious Ben’s body waste away to be ravaged by a disease. I’m too far away to lend my hugs and too close a friend to stay completely silent.

I can pray. I can ask the Lord of the my soul and of Ben’s to comfort this family with a deep joy that cannot be fathomed. I can ask you to seek the Lord in their behalf for a peace that truly passes understanding.

Platitudes and fancy words will only lay burdens on my friends. Love and prayer will lift their heads for now.

These next days and months will be dark for this young family. Thank you for lifting them up with me.



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  1. So hard to take. I pray God be with you all as you courageously rest in the arms of Jesus. Aimee you have been an inspiration for many and am sure God will carry you through! Love you
    Safe in the arms of Jesus,
    Safe on His gentle breast,
    There by His love o’ershaded,
    Sweetly my soul doth rest.

    Safe in the arms of Jesus,
    Safe from corroding care,
    Safe from the world’s temptations,
    Sin cannot harm me there.
    Free from the blight of sorrow,
    Free from my doubts and fears;
    Only a few more trials,
    Only a few more tears.

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