Hello Jem!

I’m a contented woman living a complicated life with a simple faith.
I like a hometown coffee shop with real cups and swirled designs in my hard caramel almond milk latte.
Whether sinking into an overstuffed couch, sitting across a table or standing shoulder to shoulder, I’m most at home in the presence of friends.


Mom of two miracles
Married to my perfect match

A writer, speaker and listener

My stories cover the everyday, the extraordinary and everything in between

I live in one of the greenest places on earth.
I’m the quintessential special needs mom, pastors wife and mom of a typical spectacular adult.

Get to know me and this amazing cast of characters:

This was taken at our 25th Anniversary Vow Renewal
This was taken at our 25th Anniversary Vow Renewal


the way he looks at me

My husband Russ

Our bio-miracle Raychel



Our adoptive miracle Allison and her best friend Mickey

Join me on the purple couch where we’ll tell stories, laugh, cry and eat together. We may just get inspired too!

I love a good conversation so please add comments or just say hi!

I also write at Douglas County Moms.  Join me and other passionate moms as we discuss everything under the sun!

If you want to contact me the old fashioned way (via email) you can find me at: jemelene at jemelene dot com


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