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I love words. I jumped at the chance to jump on the #OneWord365 bandwagon with little hesitation.

As I searched for just the right word I came upon galvanize (or galvanise for my British leaning friends). What I think struck me most is that although it has more than one meaning, it didn’t matter which definition I used, it fits me.

Galvanize is a synonym for inspire. It means to stimulate or electrify.
That is where I’ll start. I want to inspire through my words both spoken and written.

To inspire I’ll seek inspiration. Holy, sacred inspiration from the Word of God through bible journaling. Breathing in God’s Word to galvanize my soul.

Over this next year along with regular posts, I’ll explore the many facets of my word.

What word describes your dreams for the upcoming year? What will you purpose to live out in 2013?

Wishing you and yours a fresh start, a lovely do over and a blessed new year.