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Day 2
They didn’t just teach me how to love,
they showed me how to love.
My list of blessings wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t include the strong foundation that was given to me by my parents. No matter how hard the winds have blown in our lives, what struggles we have faced or the storms we have weathered, one thing has always remained, our family was built on a firm foundation. My parents, with the encouragement of their church family built their marriage on their faith in God, their love for His Word (and each other) and on the hope of our Saviour.
At one time we joked that I was the black sheep in our family. It really was only a half joke because there were times that my behaviour was no doubt a disappointment to my parents in that is drew me away from my relationship with Christ. Romans 2:4 tells us that it is His kindness that leads us to repentance. That isn’t to say that they were permissive towards sin but they were loving towards me. It was a delicate dance but they chose to learn it. As I grew older, we drew closer and even now I am reminded of what grace is and what it is not.
Through their example, I am part of building  a foundation for my family. A foundation full of grace, hope, faith and love.



(NOTE: This is my Jubilee year. Scripture speaks of this year as a time for restoration and debts to be cancelled. I see it as a time to reflect and to count my blessings. Knowing how precious life is and how miraculous it is, I want to write about His goodness.)