For the Love…We Have a Winner!

for the woman

Lynnae McCoy You have won the Giveaway of “For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards” Message me your info so I can get it out to you right away! Congratulations!  


Making Room at the Table


I want to be raw and honest and real. I want to be polished and on point and put together. I hope for my words to be true but I wonder if they should be filtered. Like a photo, edited to highlight the best parts – leaving some truth in the original image – I…
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Grilled Spicy Thai Chicken Wings


Oh how I love the simplicity of summer. The long days, lazier mornings and easy meals lace together into memories we carry into the colder, barren days of the year. Last year I bought my husband a nice grill for his birthday. It might be akin to him buying me a classic car but you…
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For the Love of a Good Book

be kind be you

Sometime in the early spring I happened to be online when an invitation went out to be part of a launch team for the latest book by Jen Hatmaker. For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a world of impossible standards. I was introduced to Jen a few years ago and have often been changed…
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