Everything Has a Season

fallilng leaf

The last leaves are still holding on for dear life. They refuse to see the change of the seasons for what it is. Their refusal to let go does not stop fall or the biting cold air from coming. It still comes. The frost will still lay down in the sheets of white to mimic…
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In the Midst of the Storm

my rainbow

A rainbow followed me this morning. There wasn’t even a hint of rain in my path as my glance fell across the mountains. I took in the promise painted with gentle strokes across the cloud spattered sky. It was a quiet proclamation. I AM here in the questions. I AM here in the midst of…
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Dear World, From Roseburg

roseburg sign

Dear World, Before yesterday most of you had never heard of the City of Roseburg. Now when you hear that name you will link us to the tragedy that happened on our small community college campus yesterday. That is not who we are. We are a logging community tucked into a beautiful valley with some…
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Small Stain, Large Lesson

White tops 2

Sometime in the spring I found some adorable outfits on Pinterest that I wanted to try. They all involved a nice white t-shirt with bright colored statement necklaces and the rest was left to my imagination. For years I haven’t purchased much of anything white for a couple of reasons. The first is that I…
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