Why Isn’t Grace Enough?

live gently

Today was Skype date day with my beautiful young friend who lives much too far away. She is easily half my age but we grew up in the same church tradition. The same religious traditions pressed in on her with little difference than my own experience. We both grew up hearing about grace, singing about…
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Bringing India Home With Him

last day 4

Within the hour, Russ will be in a vehicle headed for the airport in  Coimbatore. He’ll say goodbye to this beautiful country he has grown to love and come home to his family who he also adores. This has been a difficult trip from my husband. He left the day after hurting his back. Yesterday…
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What Women Need

food floor

She sat across from me, shredding soaked tissues with her trembling hands, sinking deeper into my purple overstuffed sectional. Tears trickled down her face. It was obvious that she was about to reach the point of “all cried out”. The panicked text I discovered  earlier only relayed marriage issues, not the depth of her husband’s betrayal. Not…
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A Close Call in India

This is the update from Real Hope: “Ravi was standing behind the pulpit in an open air meeting with one of our churches. Russ just got up to share. Both were bare foot. All of a sudden a monsoon rain started. We had to run into a tiny room to conduct church. During the meeting…
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When Strength Wears Thin

Panang Salmon Sabai

Russ has been gone for ten days. I’ve had great plans for catching up on some things. >I need to finish my Disaster Relief Training so I can get certified. >Last autumn I bought supplies to redo my folding chairs. They are still sitting in the garage. >The upstairs couch needs to be cleaned. >Projects…
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