Healthy Dining Doesn’t Equal Deprivation

chicken grilled big

This article originally appeared at NRTODAY.COM Often I have second thoughts about posting food on Instagram and Facebook. I’ve heard complaints before that not everyone wants to see your dinner. However, last week, a friend approached me at the gym and thanked me for posting pictures of great-tasting, nutritious meals. “It lets me know that…
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Giving Tuesday Ideas

Real Hope Girl

    After Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, Giving Tuesday makes it’s way into the picture. Now we can turn our attention in the direction to causes whose income often drops while incoming funds dwindle. Donors often find it hard to give this time of year so every…
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Living In My Purpose


When disaster struck Moore Oklahoma in May of last year I sat in front of my television in shock with the rest of the country. An EF5 tornado spiraled through Central Oklahoma cutting a 17 mile path of destruction. An entire elementary school was wiped out along with 1150 homes. The devastation is still being…
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A Prayer and Blessing to Consider


The following is taken from a benedictine prayer.  It seemed perfect to share on this fall morning.  I encourage you to consider praying it over your own life and your family. ♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢♢ May God bless you with a restless discomfort about easy answers, half-truths and superficial relationships so that you may seek truth boldly and…
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Return to Real Life


Hawaii The name evokes images of paradise, beauty, warmth and the feeling of being a world away. Russ and I returned this past weekend with our hearts overflowing from nearly three weeks of celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. We’ve been planning this for almost two years and just like that we are home with our…
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