The Wonderfully Made Woman

That's me in the center. The year after my coach told me I had "cottage cheese legs".

That’s me, highlighted in the center of the photo. My high school volleyball coach told me my thighs looked like “cottage cheese”. That was her way of encouraging me to go on a diet. It was’t about my playing ability or my health, she only addressed my looks. The fact that I ran around the…
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Healthy Dining Doesn’t Equal Deprivation

chicken grilled big

This article originally appeared at NRTODAY.COM Often I have second thoughts about posting food on Instagram and Facebook. I’ve heard complaints before that not everyone wants to see your dinner. However, last week, a friend approached me at the gym and thanked me for posting pictures of great-tasting, nutritious meals. “It lets me know that…
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Giving Tuesday Ideas

Real Hope Girl

    After Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, Giving Tuesday makes it’s way into the picture. Now we can turn our attention in the direction to causes whose income often drops while incoming funds dwindle. Donors often find it hard to give this time of year so every…
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Living In My Purpose


When disaster struck Moore Oklahoma in May of last year I sat in front of my television in shock with the rest of the country. An EF5 tornado spiraled through Central Oklahoma cutting a 17 mile path of destruction. An entire elementary school was wiped out along with 1150 homes. The devastation is still being…
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