The (Not So) Secret to My Health Journey

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Anyone who says that losing weight is quick and easy is selling something. I mean literally selling something. I’ve spent most of my life on the diet merry-go-round. Always searching for the magic pill, liquid, formula, answer to my never ending quest to be thin enough to feel as if I matter. My journey with…
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Just Let Yourself Be Sad

ben n aimee

The devastating news just hit a prayer group I’ve been privileged to be a part of and forming sentencesĀ is a stretch. The Facebook message read “My friends this ugly 14 month battle is over with Jesus always the Victorious One. Ben is safe with his Heavenly Father.” My longtime mentor’s son-in-law passed away within the…
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A Beautiful Life

future hope

I scooted closer to the coffee guy, slipped my hand in his and sighed “We really have a beautiful life don’t we?” He gazed back with his sideways grin. A chuckle slipped out as he said “We really do.” My beautiful life doesn’t look like anything I had imagined. It isn’t filled with exotic trips…
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A Note to My Email Subscribers

Sorry for flood in your inbox this morning. I’m in the middle of trying to move my “private posts” to “public” and it automatically emails them to you. I’ll be doing this every now and then so I will try to keep them in categories. This batch was a food fest of sorts. Thanks for…
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