He Thinks I’m Beautiful


Friday night we had a date to our favorite little lounge restaurant in town. The weather has been perfect so I pulled out my little black dress, curled my hair, took time on my makeup and even remembered earrings. He got dressed up and we took Betty Lou – our 1958 Chevy Bel Air –…
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The Wonderfully Made Woman

That's me in the center. The year after my coach told me I had "cottage cheese legs".

That’s me, highlighted in the center of the photo. My high school volleyball coach told me my thighs looked like “cottage cheese”. That was her way of encouraging me to go on a diet. It was’t about my playing ability or my health, she only addressed my looks. The fact that I ran around the…
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Strengthening Your Soul and Mind

purple hyd

For the past week I’ve been rising at my normal time of day. I grab my journal and begin to write. In cursive I let thoughts spill out into the pages without structure or prompts. It has been a life breathing practice. In the past I’ve used the time to catch up on email, social…
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